Communication Is Key Essence For Business Without Communicating We Can’t Across Our Ideas To Others. Once, Warren Buffett Told If You Can’t Communicate, It’s Like Winking at a Girl In The Dark. So

business communication

What Is Business Communication? Definition

Business Communication Is Used By Business Personals In The Process Of Sharing There Ideas Between Others To Promote Their Goals, Objectives For There Commercial Gains.

For Example, An Effective Communication Between Startup Founder and Investor Would Lead Them Raise Huge Amount Of Money For There Operations. ( First Impression Is Always The Best Ever Impression )

Importance Of Business Communication

  • Increases Employee Productivity: Every 8 In 10 Employee’s Believe That An Effective Communication Between Them and Management Helps Them To Increase Their Performance.
  • An Effective Idea Sharing: Companies Around The World are Trying To Concentrate More On Internal Communication Between Them and There Employees For Comprehensive Understanding Of There Ideas.
  • Increases Customer Base: Customers Plays Major Role In Any Kind Of Business Without Customers That Business Would Fail. A Good Relation Between The Company and Customer Lead To Return Of There Customers and Also Free Advertising, Once Jeff Bezos Told Word Of Mouth Is The Most Powerful Way Of Marketing For That Our Support Should Be Awesome.
  • Strategic Business Partnerships: A Good Relationship Between Two Companies Can Help Them To Lead Success In The Respective Businesses.

What Are Categories Of Business Communication?

  1. Marketing / Advertising
  2. Brand/Company Management
  3. Customer and Public Relationships
  4. Beneficial Business Partnerships

” Note: B-Communication= Business Communication “

Types Of Business Communication

  1. Top-Down B-Communication: Any Communication Within The Company Which Is Passed From Companies Higher Officials To Bottom. ” Need To Know ” Based Method
  2. Up-Ward B-Communication: Any Communication Within The Company Which Is Passed From Bottom Level To Company Higher Officials.
  3.  Technical/ Horizontal B-Communication:  Any Communication Within The Company Between CoWorkers It Can Be Between Cross or Same Department Workers.
  4. External B-Communication: Any Communication Outside The Company With There Customers, Vendors, and Other Companies. This Includes Companies Superiors Level To Bottom- Level Workers.

Methods Of Business Communication:

Ways Of Communication Between Business To Business and Business To Consumers.

  • Web-Based: This Method Of B-Communication Is Mostly On Written Based Like E-Mails and Instant Messaging. Gmail and Outlook are Mostly Used In This Method.
  • Video conferencing: Gives Access To People Around The World To Hold Interactive Meetings This Method Became a New Normal During Covid-19. Cisco Webex, Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams are Mostly Used In This.
  • Reports: This Method Includes Financial, Performance, and Other Important Documents.
  • Presentations: This Is The Most Popular and Most Used Method In Any Types Of the Companies Which Includes Info-graphics, Text Which Can Be Created Using Microsoft Office and Google Suite.
  • Telephone Meetings: This Is Method Is Used For Verbal Communication Between The Businesses and Customers Relations.
  • Forum Boards: Which Gives Access To People To Instantly Post Information at a Centralized Location;
  • Face-to-face meetings: Which are Personal and Should Have a Written Followup.
  • Suggestion box: This Method Helps People Who Afraid Of Speaking In Infront Of Public or People
  • Letters
  • Memos: letters to members of a company or organization

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