Every Person In The World Will Have Many Dreams In Their Life, In Those Dreams Buying an Apple Product Will Be One Of Them. That Was Impact Created By Them and There Ecosystem Business Model Is Unbeatable One.

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So Big Is Apple Inc Business Really In 2020?

Apple Inc Has Over 510 Retail Stores In 25+ Countries Soon It’s Planning To Open There Stores In 20 More Countries Soon and Has Online Apple Store In 38 Countries. It Is the First US Publicly Listed Company To Hit $1, $1.5, $2 Trillion Market Capitalisation.

It Is The World’s Largest Technology Company By Revenue and Also It Is Considered Among FAANG Companies. It Is Also The Second Largest Smart Phone Manufacturer In World After Samsung.

At Present, It Has Over 1.5 Billion Active Products Worldwide Including iPhone, Macbook, Mac Etc. Let’s Dive Deep Into How Big Is Apple By Sector Wise.

Apple’s Businesses and Sectors:

  • iPhone ( Smartphone ).
  • MAC ( PC and Desktop ).
  • iPad.
  • Wearables Products.
  • Online Digital Services.


Apple Inc Launched Its First iPhone In 2007 By Steve Jobs ( Founder Of Apple ). From Then Apple Has Sold Nearly 2.7 Billion Devices and Now Apple Holds Over 13.5% Market Share In Smartphone Market Worldwide and Apple Holds Over 50% Marketshare In Premium Smartphone Market.

iPhones are Considered As Top Performing Smartphone Every Year They Launch. Out Of 1.5 Billion, Active Apple Inc’s Products In Worldwide 900 Million Products are iPhones.

iPhones Alone Generates More Than 50% Revenue Of Apple Which Is Around $145 Billion Out Of $274 Billion. iPhone Is Major Reason Behind Most Valuable Company Throne.

Macbooks and iMacs:

iMac is an All In One Model Released in 1998 Since Then Apple Has Made Many Updates To iMacs and Also It Launched Mac Pro and Mac Air Desktop Products Which Have Not Gained More Traction As There Macbooks and iMacs Received.

Macbooks and Other Macs Products Generates Just 9.7% Revenue Of Which Is Around $27 Billion. Macbooks are Considered The Most Powerful PC In The World.

Mac OS Has Over 16.97% Market Share In Desktop Operating System Market Share Worldwide.

Mac Models Released: 

  • Macbooks ( 2006 )
  • iMacs ( 1998 ) and iMac Pro ( 2017 )
  • Mac Pro ( 2006 )
  • Mac Air ( 2005 )


They  Released First Tablet Computer Called iPads In 2006 Which Is Meant To Be Most Successful Product In Apple Inc’s History After iPhone’s. iPad is Most Used Tablets By Market Share With More Than 58.66% Market Share In Tablet OS.

iPads Generate 7.9% Revenue Which Is Around $22 Billion. Even iPads are Considered Most Powerful Tablets In Market and Also Powerful Compared To Other Low Laptops Models.

iPads Ships More Than 9 Million Devices a Year.

Other Products By Apple Inc:

  • iWatch: iWatch was First Released In April 2015 Which Gained Traction Ever In Watch Industry Which Sold More Than 4.2 Million Watches In Just Q2 Of 2015.

iWatch Has Trashed The Swiss Watch Industry With Record Margin. In 2019, They Have Sold More Than 30M Watches While Swiss Entire Watch Industry Sold 21.1M.

  • Airpods: Airpods’s Business Is So Bigger Than We Think But Why? Let Have Look

It Has Sold Airpods Worth More Than $12 Billion In 2019 Which Four Times More Than The Revenue From Year 1. Airpods Business Revenue Is More Than Twitter, Snapchat, Shopify, and Spotify Combined.

Revenue By Year

They Have Maintained a Descent Sales Revenue Even During This Covid-19 Times. There Business Has Reported More Than $59.6 Billion In Q4 2020. Which Is More Than Last Year’s Q2?

  • Their Business revenue for the quarter ending June 30, 2020, was $59.685B, a 10.92% increase.
  • Their Business Annual Revenue For 2020, was $273.857B, a 5.72% increase From Last Year.
  • Their Business Annual Revenue for 2019 was $260.174B, a 2.04% Decline From Last Year
  • Their Business Annual Revenue for 2018 was $265.595B, a 15.86% increase From Last Year

       Net Profit By Year

  • Their Business Net Profit for the quarter ending June 30, 2020, was $11.253B, a 12.04% increase.
  • Their Business Annual Net Profit For  2020, was $58.424B, an 4.9% increase From Last Year.
  • Their Business Annual Net Profit for 2019 was $55.256B, a 7.18% Decline From Last Year.
  • Their Business Annual Net Profit for 2018 was $59.531B, a 23.12% increase From Last Year

So How Apple Inc’s Businesses Make Money

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5 Biggest Acquisitions:

So Far They Have  Has Acquired More Than 120+ Companies Till Now and Some Have Integrated With Their Services and Some are Still Operating As Individual.

Biggest Acquisition:

  1. Beats (2014 ) – $3 Billion 
  2. Dialog Semiconductor (2018) – $600 Million 
  3. Anobit (2011) – $500 Million 
  4. Shazam (2017)- $400 Million 
  5. NeXT Computer (1996)2 – $400 Million

11 Facts About Apple Inc. :

  1. All 3 Founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne Worked Atari ( Arcade Gaming Company ) Before Founding Apple Inc.
  2. It Is The First Technology Company To Hit $1 Trillion and Also To Hit $2 Trillion, Market Cap.
  3. and Also It Took 42 Years To Hit $1 Trillion Market Cap and Just another 2 Years to Hit $2 Trillion, Market Cap.
  4. It Has  Established On April Fools Day In 1976.
  5. The Headquarters Employees Earn an Avg Of Of the US $140,000 a Year.
  6. Samsung Makes Chips and Retina Displays For iPhones and iPads.
  7. Samsung Paid Them $1 Billion By Sending Nearly 30 Trucks With 5 Cent Coins Over a Lawsuit.
  8. Smoking Near There Products Voids Your Warranty.
  9. iPhone Consumes Just $0.30 to $0.40 Electric Charges a Year If We Fully Charge iPhone Every Single Day.
  10. It Cannot Market In Brazil Because Another Company Owns The Trademarks.
  11. They won’t Allow Villians To Use Any Of There Products In Movies.

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