Reliance Industries Is The Largest Indian Company In Terms Of Market Capitalisation and Net Income and also 44th Biggest Firm in The World. It Was Started In The Year 1973 By Shri Dhirubhai Ambani In Mumbai With Just 1000 Rupees Investment But Now Reliance Is The Most Profitable Listed Company In India.

Reliance Industries Is In Almost Every Sector Like Telecom, Petrochemicals, Retails, Media, and Almost Every Sector That is Used By People On Daily Basis.Mukesh-Ambani-Reliance-Industries

Telecom :

Jio Is Revolutionary Step Taken By Company Chairman Mukesh Ambani Which Changed The Digital Progress Of India. Reliance Jio Has Depreciated The Old Telecom Prices By More Than 80% From Rs 255 Per GB To Rs 13 Per GB Which Has Helped India To Achieve Rapid Progress Digitalisation Of India. Jio Is Fastest Telecom Company In The World To Achieve 300M Subscribers In a Record Time. Reliance Industries Is Earning More Than Rs 68,000 Crore Just From Jio Services.

Services Offered By Reliance Jio :

  • Jio Mart – A E-Commerce Store And A Market Leader in Grocery Sales In Just 1 month of Launch.
  • Jio Fiber – Broadband Service Launched By Jio Last Year. Soon It May Become The Market Leader in Fiber Internet  As Per Latest Plans Launched With 30 Days Free Trial.
  • JioTV Plus: Jio Tv Is Integrated with 12+ OTT Platforms With Single Payment.

Reliance Industries’s Retail :

Reliance Retail Has Became The Largest Retailer In India After Acquiring Future Groups For Rs 24,713 Crore On 29-08-2020. Now Reliance Retail Has Over 13,584 Stores Combined with a Total Revenue Of 1,92,936 Crore. Reliance Retail is an Undisputed King  In The Organised Retail Segment.

Reliance Industries’s Retail Segments :

  • Reliance Fresh.
  • Reliance Trends.
  • Reliance Digital.
  • Hamleys ( Toy Store ).
  • Reliance Smart.
  • Netmeds ( E- Medical Store ).
  • Future Groups.

Media and Entertainment

Mukesh Ambani Brought Majority Shares In NetWork 18 For 4000 Crore In 2012.

NetWork 18 Subsidiaries :

  •   Viacom 18: Network 18 Owns 51% Stake.
  •   MoneyControl: Stock Market News & Research Website
  •   Colors TV: Network 18 Owns 51% Stake in Viacom ( Owner of ColorsTV )
  •   Voot: Indian Subscription Based Platform Owned Viacom
  •   BookMyShow: Network 18 Holds 34% Stake

Other Network 18 Channels: CNBC ( India ), History TV ( India ), Nick ( India ), MTV ( India ).


Reliance Industries Majority Revenue Comes From Petroleum Products. Reliance Owns World’s Largest Oil Refinery Which Can Generate 1.8 Million Barrels Per Day.

How Reliance Earns From Petrochemical Products

Reliance Produces Products Like Olefins and Aromatics Which is Used in Daily Used Products Like Detergents, Plastics, and Adhesives ( Used For Fevicol ) Etc and By Selling Crude Oil, Diesel, and Other Petroleum Products To Other Companies, Countries Etc.

So, How Much Does Reliance Industries Earn From There Services?

  • Reliance Refining & Marketing – Rs 3,87,522 Cr ( 48% )
  • Petrochemical Products – Rs 1,45,266 Cr ( 18% )
  • Retail Business – Rs 1,62,936 Cr ( 20% )
  • Digital Services ( Jio ) – Rs 68,462 Cr ( 8% )
  • Media, Entertainment & Others – Rs 46,945 Cr ( 6% )
reliance industries revenue breakdown
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Facts About Reliance Industries :

Reliance Is The 1st Indian Company To Hit $150 Billion Market Cap On June 19 Today Sep 12 RIL Hits $200 Billion Market Cap Which Means Reliance Industries Added $60 Billion In Just 60 Session.  ( Sessions = No: Of Trading Days ).

Future Plans :

Reliance Industries Aims To Build Bio-Chemical and Other Energy Resource Using Technology  To Lead a Way To Green Resources.


Soon Reliance Industries May Become a Market Leader In Every Sector It Owns and Also Reliance Industries is Helping India To Achieve Digitalisation of India.

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