Labelling is all about trust and brand identity let’s take a look at Apple brand is one of the most trusted and most recognised brands in the world. we can just identify it just by seeing their iconic Apple logo.

Labelling Definition

Labelling is the most important part of branding that enables product identity. labeling provides detailed information about the product that particular company produces and also it helps their customer easily identify their product.

Are There Any Legal Obligations In Labelling?

Yes, there are some legal obligations with labeling before we print it on our products.

  • According to the law, a company’s label needs to stick Competition and Consumer Act 2010.
  • Packaged and processed foods products should be labelled with nutritional details on it, according to The Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ).
  • The Federal Trade Commission Act (FTC) states that cheating of labels and graphics is an offence which can lead consumers to confuse between original and duplicate product.
  • The Fair Packaging and Labeling Act establishes compulsory labeling conditions, boosts independent packaging standards and grants federal companies to establish packaging regulations in certain industries.

Types Of Labelling

types of labelling

  • Brand Labelling: this type of label plays a crucial role in explaining about the brand to their customers.
  • Descriptive Labelling: It helps customers how to this product ( mostly seen on health and food products )
  • Grade Labelling: it is used to explain the features and characteristic of the product.

Functions and Uses of Labelling

  • Defines the Product: A label provides information about product usage and cares to be taken while using the product. Ex: Green tea usage steps
  • Recognition of the product: Labeling can be used for clear identification of the product.
  • Sorting of Products: It means classification and separation of products according to different types of categories in the market. Ex: Fruit juice, soda products are placed in different racks with categories mentioned.
  • Marketing of Products: It gives the customer a reason to purchase their products without a second thought. Ex: Extra 20% potato chips in chips packets
  • In concurrence with the law: As mentioned above labels should strictly obey the law. packaged and processed food companies should make their labels carefully.

Why Labelling is Very Important?

  • Good labeling can grab the attention of customers to purchase their products instead of others.
  • Product Labelled with proper step-by-step usage details can help them to differentiate from others products in the racks ( in retail shop ).
  • Labeling is considered most important factor in the sale of product which leads them to make or break the sale of products.

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