About Us


Who Are We

Business Mavericks is an online blog founded in 2020 Lockdown; while thinking about starting our own business, aiming to solve the numerous terms and concepts used in the corporate sector to help our readers better understand the domain of business.

We work hard to make business terminology, business models, SWOT Analysis, Pest Analysis, Brand Competitors, and other Business stuff easier and simpler to understand.

What is a Business Mavericks?

Mavericks Mean An independent person who does not join a group or party.

Business Mavericks means Individuals ( Entrepreneurs ) who fought individually in their journey to success like a lion, instead of people ( Employees ) who travel in groups like a wolf.


Topics We Covered At Business Mavericks

  • Business Jargons
  • Business Models
  • Brand Analysis
  • Competitors Of Brands
  • Stock Market, Top 10s and More.

Who Are Our Readers

Every Person With Access To Internet World

Our Vision

We trust that every person in the world should have some basic knowledge of businesses to make them financially sustainable.

And, Our vision is to Make Every Single Person in the World  “ Financially Educated.” 

How do we Develop content

Every content is important for us, After in-depth research and analysis only, we develop the content before uploading it directly to our site to maintain our authenticity.

Additionally, we use infographics, and examples relevant to the topic explained to make it easier for you to understand

Also, we frequently update some of our content which needs to be updated from time to time.

What About Your Feedback?

We respect the feedback of our content readers, whether it is positive or negative.

If it is a positive feed, we will be the happiest in the world dancing for cheap thrills; if not, we will improve our content quality by spending some more time on content.