Amazon is an American MNC company that focuses on E-Commerce, Cloud Computing Services, Online Streaming, AI, and Physical Stores.

Amazon is considered one of the FAANG group of companies and Big Five Companies in the US.

FAANG stands for Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google

Amazon is the largest internet company in terms of revenue and also the largest employer in the US after Walmart.


Did You Know? 

Amazon is the second Listed US company to hit a $1 trillion market cap after Apple.

In this list, we will see Who Are The Competitors of Amazon in Various Segments.

Competitors Of Amazon in


1. Alibaba

Alibaba Groups is one of the largest e-Com companies owned by Chinese billionaire Jack Ma which operates in 180+ countries through its sub-brands called Aliepxress, Taobao, Tmall, and also Alibaba offers B2B, B2C services

Alibaba is the fastest-growing competitor for Amazon in the US and also Worldwide

2. eBay

eBay is ranked position 470 on Forbes Global 2000 with a Market Capitalization of $47.74 billion. Founded in 1995 in the United States, eBay has its headquarters in San Jose, California, and employs more than 12,000 personnel.

Operating in the Internet and Catalog Retail Industry, eBay had around $11.165 billion in the FY21 ( 2020-2021 ). It made a profit of $2.896 Billion from its various platforms, including StubHub and Marketplace, among others. It also provides investments, marketing services, and advertising to help develop and sustain commerce on its online and mobile platforms.

3. JD.Com was founded in 1998 and had its headquarters in Beijing, China. It specializes in general merchandise products, e.g., books, audio-video products, electronics, home appliances, apparel, computers, food, et cetera.

With a market cap of $122 billion and sales revenue of $124 billion in 2021, JD has claimed its stake in the Internet and Catalog retail industry. It employs more than 2,40,000 people and has always been recognized as among the world’s best employers and growth champions.

4. Flipkart ( India )

Flipkart is most popular in India and other Asian regions. At first, the site was launched as a bookstore, and after it gained popularity, more things started getting available here. Today you will find clothes, apparel, lifestyle, mobiles, televisions, accessories, laptops, and many other things.

Flipkart displays its products with brief descriptions and shows reviews and comments that will help visitors better analyze the product. These are the features that make Flipkart one of the most popular top 10 e-commerce websites in the world, and also, it is one of the largest Competitors of eBay in India.

5. Rakuten

operating in the Internet and Catalog Retail industry, Rakuten Inc. is divided into segments for operational efficiency. I.e. Internet Finance Segment which takes care of electronic money, credit cards, banking, and securities; Internet Services Division that takes care of sales and advertising and the Others Division that mainly deals with telecommunication services

Having been founded in the year 1997, Rakuten. Inc has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Its market capitalization was $17 billion as of now and it made $11 billion worth of sales. The company has more than 15,000 employees.

6. Direct Brand Selling Through Websites

Many brands have started selling their products directly from their sites to increase their brand visibility and command over their products which becomes a major threat for e-commerce companies.

Retail Store

1. Walmart

Walmart malls are mainly popular shopping destinations in the United States of America. However, now it has become one of the top 10 e-commerce websites in the world. It offers home appliances, toys, electronics, fashion accessories, sports, gifts, crafts, groceries, etc.

This is a retail multinational based in the USA that operates grocery stores, supermarkets, and department stores. Owned by the Walton family with a more than 50 percent stake in the business, Walmart employs more than 2 million people and made around $562 billion in FY21 ( 2020 – 2021 ) as sales revenue and profit of over $12.2 Billion. Some of its subsidiaries include, Sam’s Club, et cetera.

2. Target

Target is the second-largest department store in the US after Walmart. It operates more than 1800 stores throughout the country and boasts an extensive e-commerce solution giving customers access to the full range of target products and services online and in-store.

3. Best Buy

Best Buy is an MNC Consumer electronics retailer brand with over 1700 stores across North America. Best buy is also the most reputed electronics retailer.

4. Reliance Retail

Reliance Retail is one of the largest retailers in India. Reliance Retail operates 12,000+ stores across 7,000+ cities in India.

Reliance Industries portraits as one of the biggest competitors of Amazon in India in Both E-commerce and Retail Segments.

Online Video Streaming

1. Disney+

Launched 2019
Area Served World Wide
Owned By Walt Disney Company
Headquarters Los Angeles, California, United States
Total Subscribers 100+ Million

Disney + will indeed serve as a major rival for YouTube, which will offer exclusive original shows and big-budget movies from Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, as well shows from its studio.

What makes it exciting is that all of it will be offered at $6.99 a month, half of the cost charged by HBO.

2. Netflix

2. Hulu

Launched 2007
Area Served United States
Owned By Walt Disney
Headquarters Santa Monica, California, USA
Total Subscribers 41.6 Million

Hulu is another leading competitor of Youtube, which is reputable for its high-quality premium services for both on-demand and live movies and TV shows.

Whether you are traveling or at the comfort of your home, their services are easily accessible. Regardless of any major broadcast network in the US, it provides immediate access to every show for its users.

3. Apple TV+

Launched 2019
Area Served World Wide
Owned By Apple Inc
Headquarters Cupertino, California, United States
Total Subscribers 10 Million

Apple has launched Apple TV+, an online video streaming service, in Nov 2019. Its content is available on Apple’s website and Apple TV app for a monthly fee of $4.99.


Launched 2020
Area Served United States, Latin America, Caribbean
Owned By WarnerMedia Direct
Headquarters New York City, United States
Total Subscribers 44.2 Million

As a major competitor of YouTube, HBO NOW was launched by HBO, providing users access to all HBO’s programs without subscribing to the cable. This is the best deal for everyone keen to watch the latest season of their favorite shows.

5. YouTube

Launched 2005
Area Served World Wide
Owned By Google
Headquarters San Bruno, California, United States
Total Subscribers 30 Million

In 2019, YouTube dominated 70% of the total time people spent watching the top five platforms on their phones. The streaming service also dominates 75% of Android phone users worldwide. Netflix should be worried. In 2020, YouTube TV increased its content and now offers more channels than any other competitor and offers unlimited storage. But, YouTube TV also raised its monthly fee in June 2020 to $64.99, pushing some users to Netflix.

6. Sling TV

Launched 2015
Area Served United States and Puerto Rico
Owned By Dish Network
Headquarters Meridian, Colorado, United States
Total Subscribers 2.32 Million

As a replacement for cable, Sling TV serves as a cost-effective and reliable service for streaming video. It offers live TV service at only $25 a month, allowing people to watch their favorite TV channels live.

7. Paramount Plus

Launched 2014 ( As CBS All Access Later Relaunched on March 4, 2021, As Paramount Plus )
Area Served Americas
Poland (as Paramount Play)
Russia (as Okko Paramount+)
Australia (as 10 All Access)
Middle East
Owned By Viacom CBS
Headquarters New York City, United States
Total Subscribers 36 Million

Paramount+ is an American subscription video-on-demand over-the-top streaming service owned and operated by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS. It offers original content, including newly aired CBS broadcast properties and content from the ViacomCBS library.

8. HotStar ( India ) 

Launched 2015
Area Served India, United Kingdom, North America and Southeast Asia
(version may differ)
Owned By Star India
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Total Subscribers Increase 34.5 million (paid; as of 3 April 2021) and
300 million active users (May 2020)

HotStar is an Indian online streaming service that deploys the most adaptive technology for streaming video. As the video quality is adjusted automatically according to the bandwidth, users get the best experience on WiFi and network connections.

9. Zee5 ( India )

Launched 2018
Area Served World Wide
Owned By Zee Enterprises
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Total Subscribers 48.11 million (paid) 132 million monthly active users

ZEE5 is an Indian on-demand Internet streaming media provider run by Essel Group via its subsidiary Zee Entertainment Enterprises. It was launched in India on 14 February 2018 with content in 12 languages. The ZEE5 mobile app is available on Web, Android, iOS, Smart TVs, among other devices.

10. SonyLiv ( India )

Launched 2013
Area Served Indo-Pacific and Middle East
Owned By Sony India
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Total Subscribers Increase 23 million (paid) and
98 million monthly active users

SonyLIV is an Indian over-the-top Freemium streaming platform owned by Sony Pictures Networks India. SonyLIV was introduced in 2013 as the first OTT service in India.

Online Music Streaming

1. Apple Music

Apple Music is a music streaming service offered by Apple Inc. It is the second most popular music streaming service with over 60 million subscribers after Spotify

2. YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a music streaming service developed by YouTube, a subsidiary of Google. It provides a custom interface for the service that is focused on music streaming and allows users to browse songs and music videos on YouTube based on genres, playlists, and recommendations.

3. Spotify

Spotify is the largest online music streaming company in the world with over 113 million paying customers and 248 million monthly users worldwide.

Cloud Computing

1.Google Cloud Platform

Google cloud platform is the third largest cloud computing company after AWS and Microsoft Azure with over 6% market share in the Cloud market.

Google is investing aggressively in the Google cloud platform to increase its market share in the Cloud market.

2. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the second-largest cloud computing company after AWS with over 17% market share in the cloud market.

Ai Virtual Assistant

1. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the best virtual assistants in the market. It interacts with us and helps us to automate some of the important tasks

Even We at Business Mavericks like Google Assistant a Lot 😄.

2. Apple Siri

Siri is an AI assistant Brought by Apple Inc in 2009, which also works more like other assistants available in the market but it is only available to the Apple ecosystem.

Online Advertising

Amazon Ads are served across its site and its partner sites. for the past few years, Amazon Ads is growing at a YoY Growth rate of 117%.

1. Google Ads

Google is the largest online Advertising in the world with over 30% in 2021. Google has a huge market share in the mobile ads market share than others.

2. Facebook Ads

Facebook is the second largest online advertising company in the world. As per the latest report amazon ads climbed well due to Apple IOS 14 privacy update.


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