Benjamin Rich, better known by his YouTube channel name Bald and Bankrupt, is an English travel blogger and author. He started his YouTube channel in June 2018, documenting the Indian subcontinent and former Soviet states.


As of January 2022, his channel Bald And Bankrupt has 3.34 million subscribers and over 468 million views and his second channel Daily Bald Has 621K Subscribers and over 27 million views

Bald And Bankrupt Networth$2.4 Million (Approx)
Known AsBald And Bankrupt
Real NameBenjamin Rich
Bald and Bankrupt Youtube Channel3.34 Million Subscribers and 468 Million Views
Daily Bald (Second Channel)621K Subscribers and 28 Million Views
DOB & Age1 July, 1974 & 47 Years
OccupationTravel Vlogger and Author
Marital StatusSingle (Divorced)
Bald and Bankrupt GirlfriendAlina

Bald And Bankrupt Real Name.

Bald And Bankrupt Real Name is Benjamin Rich.

He is also known as Arthur Chichester and Mr Bald.

Bald And Bankrupt Career and Media.

The defining feature of Rich’s channel is his interest in the post-Soviet states. However, he first started vlogging from India after filing for bankruptcy in the UK due to a failed business venture, which (along with his shaved head) was the inspiration for the name of his channel. Since venturing into Eastern Europe, attention to his videos has increased.

On April 12, 2018, under the pseudonym Arthur Chichester, he published the book The Burning Edge: Travelling Through Irradiated Belarus, in which he describes his experiences travelling through parts of Belarus affected by the Chernobyl disaster.

He is known for wanting to “show the lives of real locals, away from the tourist sites and Starbucks coffee.” In June 2019, Rich and his YouTube channel were featured in The Daily Express newspaper.

Rich’s content has been covered in various national media outlets, particularly publications in the cities and regions he visits. New Delhi-based publication The New Learn reported on Rich’s travels in India in January 2019.

They praised his visits to refugee camps for Hindus in north Delhi stranded in Pakistan after the crisis, describing his videos as an “introduction to an India that is real and authentic, where people still open their lunchboxes to strangers, where tea is the beginning of lifelong connections, where trust means more than money, and where there is aliveness everywhere.”

In March 2019, the Hindustan Times reported how he uncovered scams against tourists at the Delhi airport, from inflated prices to rickshaw drivers and false claims. Swedish YouTube personality PewDiePie stated in a July 2019 episode of the YouTube podcast series Cold Ones that Bald and Bankrupt is his favourite YouTube channel.

Journalist Lyubava Zaitseva from The Afisha Daily wrote about Rich’s choice of Russian destinations in September 2019. She noted that even his Russian readers “had not seen Russia like this before” and praised him for “trying to distance himself from touristy places” and show cities “from the inside, communicating with locals.”

In November 2019, Russia Beyond included Rich’s channel in its list of six YouTube vlogs “where foreigners show you the real Russia.” It highlighted his “openness to locals and unpredictability.”

So, What is Bald And Bankrupt Net Worth?

The channel has more than 3.34 million subscribers (as of 2021) and has more than 468 million views to date. It receives an average of 180,000 views per day from various sources. The ads in the videos bring in an average of $1,600 per day ($600,000 per year).


YouTubers receive $2 – $7 per 1000 monetized views after YouTube takes its fee. Monetized views range from 40% to 80% of total views. All of this depends on various factors, such as the device the video is played on, the viewer’s location, the ad inventory, the number of ads in a video, the number of people who skip the ads, the type of ads, the integration of the ads, the type of content, etc.

and also Bald and Bankrupt is selling a Merchandise brand named Himself.

As of 2022, Bald And Bankrupt Net Worth is $2.3 Million Dollars (Approx).

The cost of an ad call is based on an auction between advertisers based on calls. Advertisers must place a minimum bid of $0.01 per view. There is also a program called Google Preferred where high-paying companies can target ads to the top 5% of most popular content. Ad rates here are higher than normal.

In addition to advertising, YouTubers also earn from YouTube Red viewers, who pay a monthly fee to watch premium content on YouTube and videos without ads. Here, they get paid based on the amount of time they spend watching their videos. The longer viewers watch their videos, the more money they earn.

Bald And Bankrupt Wife/Girlfriend.


Bald And Bankrupt Wife is a Belarusian woman from whom he divorced and with whom he has a daughter. Speaking of his girlfriends, he is dating a Belarusian woman named Alina, who has been in some of his videos.

Bald And Bankrupt Age and Height.

Bald And Bankrupt Was Born On 1 July 1974. As Of 2022, Bald And Bankrupt Age Is 47 Years.

According to credible sources, bald and bankrupt is 6 feet 3 inches tall.

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Bald And Bankrupt Instagram.

Bald And Bankrupt Instagram Handle is @realbaldandbankrupt. Bald And Bankrupt Currently have More Than 319K Followers On Instagram with just 13 posts.

He is very active on Instagram and other social Media Accounts.

Note: The net worth of Bald And Bankrupt is not an exact figure as there is no official information about it. The above Bald And Bankrupt Net Worth have been gathered from various authentic sources. If you think that the above information is wrong, please share the correct details in the comments below.

Bald And Bankrupt FAQs

What is Bald And Bankrupt Net Worth?

Bald And Bankrupt Also known as Benjamin Rich’s Net Worth is around $2.4 Million (Approx)

Who is the Bald And Bankrupt Girlfriend?

Bald And Bankrupt Girlfriend Name is Alina.

What is Bald And Bankrupt Girlfriend Age?

As Of 2021, Bald And Bankrupt Age Is 47 Years.

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