Ketto is an Indian online crowdfunding platform where any individual/organization across the country can raise funds for various causes ranging from medical care to disaster relief.

Let us look into a glance at the company before moving on to Ketto Business Model.

Overview Of Ketto

Ketto is a Crowd Funding platform where Individuals, entrepreneurs, and non-governmental organizations can raise money to achieve personal goals, pay medical bills, make a movie or support their favorite sports team or gymkhana.

From 2012 to July 2020, it has raised over Rs 1100 crore from around two hundred thousand campaigns from more than 5.5 million donors. The company is headquartered in Mumbai in the Indian state of Maharashtra, with social worker representatives spread across the country.


How Does Ketto Org Works?

Suppose a person, unfortunately, suffers an accident on the road. His medical bills and hospital bills start piling up. Now he needs Rs 5 lakh to pay his expensive medical bills. Luckily, his best friend signed up on Ketto’s crowdfunding platform and submitted valid documents required for verification. In a matter of minutes, he created a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for his friend’s medical expenses. Now he can share this campaign with all his relatives and friends via WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and email. Within minutes, the first funds start flowing in to cover the financial needs of his injured friend.

What is Crowdfunding?

In simple, crowdfunding is a practice of providing funds to overcome specific social, cultural, or economic hurdles that people face in their daily lives.

Ketto Stands For?

Key To Tomorrow

Ketto Founders and Its Team

The company was founded in December 2012 by Varun Sheth, Kunal Kapoor, and Zaheer Adenwala. Ketto is the first donation-based peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform in India.

Ketto Employees over 50 members in various departments like Product and Design, Technology, PR & Marketing, Business Development, HR & Finance, and Others.

Ketto Mission and Vision Statement

The founder’s mission is to create a change in society and connect people to access healthcare and share happiness.

Ketto Vision is “ Healthcare for all ”.

Is Ketto Legit?

Your Ketto fundraiser has the best technology for securely encrypting payments. Not only are your donors’ online payments secure, but your money is kept safe until you can request a withdrawal via electronic bank transfer.

Here, you can learn how safe is ketto and trustable.

Ketto Business Model

Ketto Business Model Works on allowing users to create their own online fundraising campaign page through which they can raise money for charities, personal projects, and medical expenses. NGOs/charity partners go through a verification process that verifies the authenticity and validity of submitted documents before account activation.

How Does Ketto Make Money

On August 15, 2020, Ketto turned 8 years old, and to celebrate the anniversary we announced a “ZERO Platform Fees ” model.

Yes, Ketto will not charge a platform fee for all fundraisers. Only the payment gateway fee will apply, which will go directly to the service providers, e.g. Paytm.

What is Payment Gateway Fee?

In an online transaction, a third party has to securely process the payment and ensure security. There are various service providers, including banks and other wallets, that charge a small fee for their service, called the payment gateway fee.

Then How Ketto Sustains Without Any Revenue?

We have received a lot of love and support from people over the years. This is why we have introduced the section ‘Voluntary Contribution to Ketto’ to enable our benevolent donors to support us, which will help us sustain ourselves and provide the best service to all of you.

The voluntary contribution will enable us to keep the lights on, help countless people in their need and run marketing campaigns.

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Ketto Funding

Ketto has received a total of $823.3K in three funding rounds. The most recent funding was raised in an Angel Round series on January 01, 2019, from Mumbai Angels, Undisclosed Amount.

Till Now, Ketto has raised over $823.3K in funding from 13 investors and 3 lead investors.

DateRoundAmount ( $ ) Lead Investors
1st January, 2019Angel RoundUndisclosed AmountMumbai Angels
15th July, 2015Angel Round$700Kah! Ventures, Pradyumna Dalmia
18th November, 2013Seed RoundRs 7.7 Millionah! Ventures

Ketto has undisclosed its valuation.

Ketto Org Review

Currently, Ketto is one of the most trusted crowdfunding platforms in India where we can raise funds for Medical Treatments, NGOs/Charity and Other Causes.

Ketto Partners are Google, Salesforce, Your Story, Wion, London Business School, Columbia Business School, India Mantra, Clever Tap, and many others.

Our BM ( Business Mavericks ) Rating is 3.5/5.

Ketto in Headlines

On May 7, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli had announced a fundraising drive to help India fight the coronavirus pandemic. On Friday, the power couple shared on their social media platforms that their fundraiser has ended.

Anushka and Virat thanked their fans as they raised money to help India during the devastating second wave of Covid-19. They have surpassed their target of Rs 7 Crore by raising over Rs 11 crore and the funds will go to ACT Grants, a Covid-19 relief organization.

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli donated Rs 2 Crore in that.

Ketto FAQs

Who are the Founders of Ketto?

The company was founded in December 2012 by Varun Sheth, Kunal Kapoor, and Zaheer Adenwala.

Does Ketto Charges Commission? 

No, Ketto Does Charge Any Commission As of Now.


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