If you are looking for the most profitable business in India and which can be started without much investment and difficult skills then you are at the right place. Here we have discussed the top 10 most profitable business ideas that you can get started with right away.

The popularity and availability of 9 to 5 jobs are reducing day by day. A large portion of the new generation is considering business start-ups as an alternative. More often than not, people think of starting a business as a costly affair. But that is not necessarily true. We have tons of examples where the entrepreneurs started with minimal investments and grew to be the world leaders in their sectors. Lets us start with parameters to check before starting with the top 10 most profitable business in India.

4 Important Parameters to check before starting The Business

  1. Businesses That have low or no investments to start with.
  2. All businesses are high in profitability, So, that it doesn’t take ages to breakout
  3. Businesses can be done from any location in India.
  4. Most importantly the business which you have are interested in and some knowledge about it.
  5. Also, Check Out The Business Environment Of The Business That You are going to Start.

10 Most Profitable Business In India

#1 Blogging

A lot of people are taking up blogging as a profession nowadays. Because Of Its Huge Profitability and Work From Everywhere.

You can work from anywhere in the world and you just need a Laptop with a good internet connection and Your Investment is also low you just have to pay for hosting and domain that also yearly once.

You can earn over 1 Lakh a month easily, but you need more patience and consistency.

#2 YouTube Channel

YouTube is a hotspot for creative and talented individuals looking for great returns with little monetary investment. YouTube allows its users to create independent channels and upload their videos for free. In fact, it even pays extra to some YouTubers whose channels are popular.

You can gain huge fame, but you need more patience and consistency.

#3 Social Media Strategist

Social media has become the way of the world. Corporates, startups, and personal channels have all realised this and work to increase their presence on it. While most of the bigger companies (especially in the media) now have a social media team to handle this aspect, the smaller ones reach out to stand-alone social media strategists. The only investment that you, as someone looking to build a brand in this line, should be making is improving your online presence by advertising on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn and spending a basic amount on maintaining your website, to ensure that it ranks higher in the search engine pages.

#4 Website Designing

Blogging and digital marketing are some of the most popular options for employment. This has created a heavy demand for online resources. Almost every firm today has a website of its own. According to a report by Adobe, 48% of people cited that the design of the website was the primary factor in determining the credibility of a business. Furthermore, the lockdown has rendered physical spaces almost obsolete. Reports note that online shoppers in India reached 120 million in 2018 and are expected to reach around 220 million by 2025. This high demand for websites makes it one of the most favourable businesses in India.

#5 Travel Agency

The travel industry in India has witnessed a boom in the past decade. Keeping to people’s changing habits and their desire for the ultimate ‘wanderlust’, the time is ripe for aspiring entrepreneurs to put their money where the map is. The most cost-effective measure to open up a home-based travel agency is by tying up with a host agency. By doing so, you will receive the benefits of pace helping you get your ARC, CLIA, or IATA number faster, convenience (they perform all the ‘back-end functions’), and help you earn higher commissions and keep your costs low. While the rates differ according to the host agencies, your main initial costs will fall within Rs 10,000.

#6 Online Bakery

The online food business is one of the most popular and profitable businesses in India. And bakeries are quite popular as well. If baking is your cup of tea, you can consider starting a bakery and encash by sharing homemade recipes. The best thing about this low investment business is that you can start it from your kitchen itself. And all you need is an oven and ingredients!

Cakes are an integral part of all the celebrations. But, you can consider selling other baked items as well, like different types of bread, muffins, cookies, and pizza, etc. It is not just a unique business idea, but a profitable one as well!

#7 Online Fitness Instructor

The world is looking to get fit. While not everyone has the time or inclination to visit the gym or join any fitness classes, the idea of a fitness instructor visiting their houses and helping them get in shape is definitely more appealing to them. So those looking to launch a business in online fitness should spend their money on maintaining a strong online presence through their website and social media pages, considering that they do not have to rent a studio space or equipment.

#8 Online Fashion Boutique

With people becoming more fashion-conscious, the fashion and lifestyle industry in India is on a surge. India’s online fashion trade is expected to grow up to $14 billion by the end of 2020. Therefore, an online fashion boutique is one such small profitable business idea that you can consider.

You necessarily don’t need to be a fashion designer but a fashion lover. Make money by selling your sense of style online! It is very simple to open an online fashion boutique. It can be started at home. You can curate the items from different vendors into your online store using the dropshipping model. Choose a niche and create a brand.

From dresses to accessories and footwear to jewellery, build your brand around single or multiple product niches. Notably, the quality of the products, customer service, and fulfilment strategies will play a significant role here.

#9 Online Courses

While any form of education is priceless in its ideal, it can still be priced for a good value. Developing and running an online course for students interested in learning a subject is a profitable feat. While some online-course providers may offer the course for free on their own personalised websites, most usually tie-up with other digital content companies, which provide them with the tools to carry out their lessons. In this too, the maximum cost you will incur would be the minimum amount you pay for your domain name and hosting space, or to the digital content company in question for them to feature your course on their platform.

#10 Photographer

Assuming that you intend to take up professional photography, you may already have a high-definition camera. Without considering the latter’s cost, as an aspiring photographer looking to take on independent projects, the only investment you need to make is your time in building your profile online.


The most profitable business in India listed above is online-based because this is where we can earn huge profit with low investment and as a bonus, it is a work from anywhere model.


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